i appear to have misplaced my vowels

I finally tried one of those new burger joints, brgr. It's a nicer version of the higher end burger places like Burger Heaven, for instance. You order at the counter, and pick up your own drink, but they bring you your food and the decor is nicer than your average Burger King. It has meaty red color tones and dim lighting to make your eating partners more attractive.
As for drinks, they offer a wide array of milkshakes - including a blueberry pomegranate flavor, none of which I tried because I wouldn't be able to also eat my burger without turning comatose. But I did try their good white (versus their good red, better red and better white) and for $4, it wasn't bad, not in the least.

On to the burgers!
My all natural turkey burger with - pay attention now - gruyere cheese, a fried egg, fried onions, brgr sauce and horseradish cream. AND of course, each bite I drenched in ketchup, mustard, and my new favorite sauce, smoky chipotle tabasco sauce. Yes I suppose all of that could mask the taste of the meat, but that's why I love burgers, for the toppings that mesh perfectly with the meatiness and I loveeeeeee sauces. The pickles were also quite good, not the super briny deep green kind you find in Micky D's, but a freshier, not so tart version. So I would say that in terms of sauciness and flavor, it was pretty successful. The only thing lacking was the bun, which could have been a little crispier.

Next up:

This doesn't depict the actual burger very good, but it was the famed Montana Legend Angus beef along with brie and bacon. Apparently, the beef wasn't that good but everything else was. Onion hay seemed unremarkable from everyone else's reactions, asI didn't try it.

And finally...Number 14 which consisted of a veggie patty, brie, and sweet onion marmalade (as an aside the sweet onion sauce at subway's has the awe-inspiring ability to make even a plain turkey sandwich incredibly tasty). Karen found it really yummy and gobbled that baby down.

All in all, it was a good burger place that I would probably revisit if I felt a craving for burgers. But if you're a big beefy burger person, I wouldn't recommend coming here, since it's all about the toppings. It also gets pricey whenever you add another extra goody. My burger was around $9 and I built it myself. Karen's #14 was also about the same price, so I don't see how ordering one of their previously compiled burgers would be any cheaper.

287 Seventh Avenue nr. 26th Street (right next to Chipotle)


leideevie said...

ooh! i pass that place everyday on my way to work! i DID wanna try it also. now i'm definitely going to.

Robert said...

I have to reply with This Video about the Angus Burger.