Rice-a-Roni, that San Francisco treat!

This post is long overdue, and it'll be more like a picture montage rather than anything resembling a written entry. Let's get started.

I went to San Francisco about a month ago, originally to see if I wanted to live there, but since things have changed and I'm staying in NY, this turned into a brief, amazingly fun fooding trip. This picture makes me think of SF just as much as a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Their row houses or whatever they're called are so colorful and beautiful. I wouldn't mind living in one of these.

Treats from the famous Tartine Bakery:

The BEST pain au chocolat I have ever tasted. I'm tempted to say even better than in Paris, but I don't really remember the ones I had there, so I could be unintentionally provoking the anger of Parisians everywhere.

At the Ferry Building Market, more scrumptious goodies. Had a really good mushroom leek tart from this stand.

A myriad of fancy mushrooms await you at the Ferry Market. I've never even heard of these varieties.

Gelato at the Ferry market: on top of both cups is pistachio, bottom of the left-hand one is pumpkin, on the right is mocha. I wouldn't recommend the pumpkin, but the pistachio is YUMMY - creamy and smooth, with a great pistachio crunch.


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more san francisco posts!

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Writing a review of your relatives' restaurant in Brooklyn and was hoping maybe I could bother for a couple details. Tried the restaurant and didn't get much of a response....if you get a chance, could you email me at peterfmeehan AT gmail.com? Thanks so much.