In case you didn't know, it's time for Season 3 of Top Chef

On Tuesday, Bravo decided Top Chef Season 3 needed just a leeeeetttle more press, so they pimped Sam and Ilan out to have a little rematch in Union Square. I could barely hear a thing and I still don't even know who won this contest, but everything smelled tasty as hell. Below are some photo ops that I managed to take advantage of. I'm not really a celebrity whore who loves to take pictures with them, etc (except for that one I took with Mario), but I decided hey why not, they're here. Unfortunately Tom Colicchio ran away before I could grab one of him.

Lee Ann Wong from Season 1 works for Top Chef now, so she was there, chilling. She's so cute!

Ilan's so full of it. Winner of Season 2. I don't know how.

Everybody's favorite diabetic hottie chef, Sam. The girls were swarming him. I will say that in person, he is pretty hot. I felt like he was irritated by his good-lookingness or other people's (read every straight woman and gay man within 50 ft) reactions to his looks - like I know I'm good looking, you know I'm good looking, let's move on. But hey, you agreed to be on TV, so deal with it.

Now I will stop adding to the Top Chef furor. Thanks for letting me borrow your camera, J!

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